Database Programming [MS Access]

Database Programming `{`MS ACCESS`}`

Microsoft Access is a pseudo-relational database engine from Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications that also includes Word, Outlook and Excel, among others. … Access uses the Jet Database Engine for data storage.Access is used for both small and large database deployments.

Features of Microsoft Access. It allows us to create the framework (forms, tables and so on) for storing information in a database. … Access provides a user-friendly forms interface that allows users to enter information in a graphical form and have that information transparently passed to the database.

This tutorial is an introduction to the purpose and function of Access. The main purpose is to manage, maintain and organize data. Also the term access is a excellent indicator that the primary purpose of the program is to gain access to information that is important to your business or organization.

The Microsoft® Access Database is made up of 7 major components:
  • Tables;
  • Relationships;
  • Queries;
  • Forms;
  • Reports;
  • Macros;
  • Modules.
Excel and Access are two applications from the software giant, Microsoft, to deal with tabular data efficiently and conveniently. Access is a Relational Database Management Software or RDBMS that is used to create tables where data can be stored and related to each other. … A part of how access works makes this possible.
Microsoft Access is important because it dramatically decreases the amount of time required to exchange and leverage information between Microsoft Office applications. Access provides database management functionality for novice end users and is highly extensible with enterprise systems by professional developers.