Google just launched an aggressive dealthat might be all many people need to outfit their house or apartment with Google Assistant this holiday season. For a limited time, the company is selling a Home Hub smart display and two Home Mini smart speakers at a total price of $129. The Hub ordinarily retails for $149, with the speakers going for $49 each. This deal might be very limited, with Google’s terms indicating it will end at 11:59PM PT tonight, December 14th.

Obviously both products have been discounted at times during the holiday season — including right now at various retailers. But this bundle from the Google Store seems pretty tough to beat. As Google puts it, you’re basically getting $20 off the Home Hub and two Minis for free.

You’ll gain three Google Assistant devices, all of which can respond to your voice commands or questions, play music, and control your smart home accessories. The Home Hub adds a screen to the mix, so you’ll want that in a central spot like the living room or kitchen. But the Home Minis can go anywhere else you’d like.

Just head to this Google Store link, choose the color you prefer for the Home Hub and each speaker, and then you’ll see the discount upon checkout.